Ornament Clocks Live Wallpaper

Ornament Clocks

Your screen will be with a beautiful, stylish watches live wallpapers, which decorates the device. It makes you see the time all the time when your screen is on!

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Get it on Google Play blocked by Google

♦ Clockfaces:
– Dish, gzhel (Default)
– Khokhloma gold
– Khokhloma red (in the full version!)
– Dot painting (in the full version!)
– Zhostovo painting (in the full version!)
– Blue roses, gzhel (in the full version!)
– Dark ornament

♦ Backgrounds: 14 different ones

♦ Correcting clock size

♦ Correcting clock position

♦ Seconds arrow modes: ticks, flowing or disabled (in the full version!)

♦ Quick settings

♦ Alarm launcher

Additional information:

♦ Wallpaper supports phones and tablets (landscape and portrait orientation)
♦ Battery saving:
– Redrawing of clocks maximum one time per second with seconds arrow enabled (in tick mode of seconds arrow, FPS limit in this case affects only to accuracy of updating time) and one time per minute when disabled.
– Consumption of resources is only if visible
– Frames per second limit
– Choosing of textures quality
♦ OpenGL ES 2.0 required

Get it on Google Play blocked by Google


Google blocks this application since decided it looks like Shabby Chic clocks. For those who’ve got the paid content (you need to attach the order ID or email from which you bought the application) there are two ways:

  1. Wait for the paid plugin for Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live Wallpaper and ask for a promo code to get it for free
  2. Write on email maxlab.code@gmail.com. We decide what to do.


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