Most asked questions about live wallpapers.


How to set the live wallpaper?

Different firmwares by device manufacturers may implement this in their own way and even could completely block the ability to set the ability of a 3rd party application to set the custom live wallpaper.

If you have a Huawei‘s device you may be disappointed, but for many of its devices this manufacturer has removed the ability to set custom live wallpapers.

 MaxLab uses an easy way to launch the wallpaper preview screen by application’s icon where you can choose settings and then press “Set live wallpaper” button. But for some of devices you cannot merely choose to “open” your live wallpaper as you can with ordinary apps. Instead, you have to go through a series of steps to activate your live wallpaper:

  1. Go into the “Settings” menu of your device;
  2. Select “Display”;
  3. Select “Wallpaper”;
  4. Select either “Home Screen” or “Home and Lock Screens”;
  5. Select “Live Wallpaper”, then choose the live wallpaper you installed from Google Play moments ago;
  6. Select “Set Wallpaper”, and you now must see this live wallpaper on your home screen (or lock screen also).

Other way if you use Samsung‘s device for example is to go to the home screen and long tap on it.

  1. Select “Themes”;
  2. Select “Wallpapers” menu;
  3. Select link “All” in “My wallpapers” section;
  4. Press 3 dots in the upper right corner and select “Live wallpapers”;
  5. Select one of installed live wallpaper and press “Home screen” or “Home screen and lock screen”.

How to set the live wallpaper only to the lockscreen?

Android system does not provide standard feature to do this, but you can install the custom lock screen application which provide this ability.

I want to set this live wallpaper over another one which is already installed, or over standard wallpaper. Is it possible? If yes, how I can do this?

In MaxLab’s live wallpapers you usually can your image from settings which are showed up by double click on the free from icons area of the home screen. It’s recommended to use an image from internal memory to avoid some crashes which connected with live wallpapers specificities and some firmwares.
Technically, in the Android system, there is one active live wallpaper and it is impossible to install one on top of the other using system tools. However, if you want to leave only a static background image from other live wallpapers (be it standard images or stills from other live wallpapers), you can take a screenshot of the home screen that has been cleared of other interface elements. This can be done using third-party applications, for example, Screen Cleaner Show Wallpaper.

How to make a screensot?

Visit this page with the instruction for your device.

If you have more questions or suggestions write on email: maxlab.code@gmail.com


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