Simply Sky. Battery Saving Live Wallpaper

Simply Sky. Battery Saving Live Wallpaper

Sky gradient for any time of the day.

Clear gradient of the sky. You can launch settings once – required for specifying the location (GPS) for correct calculation of Sun and Moon rises and sets, moon tilt angle (differs depends on latitude) and then the sky gradient with moon and stars will be presented according to the current time of the day.

Download on Google Play

You can setup your own unique gradient by picking a custom image for background! Or simply choose the corresponding time of the day. You can also play with moon phases.

The application is extremely battery efficient (and memory so low as possible): it uses simple shapes and therefore does not use ANY textures at all, redraws the sky only when the application starts, when the screen turns ON and when preferences are changed.

Additional information:

  • Phones and tablets are supported (landscape and portrait orientation).
  • Application uses the hardware acceleration powered by OpenGL ES 2.0.

Download on Google Play


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