Using your own analog clockfaces’ pack

In new versions of the application Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live Wallpaper (6.5+) you can use custom clockfaces’ packs without having to install or create plugins. To do this, you need to create a folder called analogClocksPlugins in the root folder in the internal memory of your device (the name and location of this folder may change in future updates) and place folders with resources (images of the background and arrows of the clockfaces) and meta information of your clockfaces there.

Download a clockface example


Read how to create or edit resources on the page For developers of plugins for android application “Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live Wallpaper”  up to the point “Building the application”.

In the clockface assets folder create a text file with the .ini extension.

An example of the contents of the settings.ini file for a white clockface:

name=White (plugin, file)
name_ru=Белые (плагин, файл)

Items in bold must be present:
target=clocks.analog – required string for analog clockfaces.

name=<clockface_name> – required name displayed when selecting a clockface. The meaning is implied in English.

name_<localization_code>=<clockface_name> – name for a specific localization. It can be ru, en, es, fr, de, jp, etc. The number of such lines is limited only by the number of localizations. Not used yet, but will be processed in future application updates.

date_pos=<value from 0 to 1> – date position. More details on the page for developers, see above.

arrow_width=<the width of each arrow in pixels> – defines the padding in the image arrows.png for arrows (divides by equal widths).

date_color=#RRGGBB – defines the color of the date. Hexadecimal number, where RR, GG and BB are two-digit values ​​for red, green, and blue respectively.

date_inverted=<true or false> – deprecated. Determines if the date is inverted (the default date color is black, but will change to white in the application). Use date_color instead.

is_24_hours=<true or false> – (since ver. 6.6.1) Optional. Determines if the clockface is 24-hours.


After placing this file in the folder with images for the clockface, open the application. The created clockface should appear in the clockface type choosing dialog.

Ask your questions in the comments to clarify issues regarding of using your clockfaces.


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